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How To Write Better Blog Posts In 3 Easy Steps (FREE TEMPLATE)

Kick off strong and learn to write better blog posts by hand with our FREE blog post template!


Are you saying my blog posts are bad?” Of course not, but, as in every form of writing, there’s a lot of pitfalls that can hold back the quality of your blog. Lucky for you, most of those pitfalls are fairly easy to avoid!

This guide is meant to help you learn some simple writing tips you can use to quickly write better blog posts.

girl writing blog posts on laptop

1: The Layout

You may think that layout just refers to the design of your blog itself, but there’s a lot you can do with the layout of the writing of each post to help keep readers engaged as well. Here’s some easy little tips you can use to write better blog posts.

  • Use images: Regardless if the reader actually looks at the image, breaking up the information helps keep their attention.

  • Use bulleted lists: Now where have I seen this used before? Clear lists help to identify when new information is being presented. These are especially helpful when learning how to write better blog posts.

  • Have as much empty space as possible: The less clumped the words are, the better. Making your posts easy to skim will prevent your readers from losing interest.

Most people will scan through your blog looking for the information that they’re looking for, tuning out anything that seems irrelevant. You’re probably ignoring this paragraph right now! Thanks for proving my point for me.

2: Find Your Style

I’m not talking fashion advice here, I’m probably the LAST person you want that from. What I mean by style is the tone of your blog posts, which is crucial when you're looking to write better blog posts.

  • Sounding like a person: An easy mistake to make when writing for a blog is to become a mindless information spouting computer program. Write as if you’re talking to your readers rather than telling them information; advice is usually easier to receive from a peer than from a teacher.

  • Walking Thesaurus: Trying to show off your vocabulary is a big danger when you want to come off as a reliable source. Using bigger words than necessary might help people take you more seriously, but it runs the bigger risk of boring your readers. Never be as cruel as to bore your readers.

A post without some form of style or voice in it will be bland and overlooked for something that looks more fun.

man writing blog article on macbook

3: Keep The Content In Mind

Yep, even what you write about is crucial to the process. This tends to be one of the larger pitfalls, a small place to make a big mistake.

  • Know your audience: It’s tempting to try and jump on the bandwagon of whatever big topic that may be floating around, but remember to keep in mind who it is you’re trying to attract to your blog.

  • Keep yourself interested: Make sure you’re writing about something that you as the writer are at least a little interested in. If you’re disinterested in what you’re writing about, it will most likely be reflected in your writing, and deter or bore your readers.

If you’re putting in the time to write about something, make sure to put in the thought too.

Focusing on these three core concepts to write your blog posts will yield a more interesting blog that’s less likely to get clicked past.


Learn to write better blog posts with our FREE blog post template!

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