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How To Create A Facebook Page In 2022

how to create a facebook page | NoiselessMarketing

Why Should I Create A Facebook Page?

Great question!

Facebook pages allow potential or existing customers/clients to find your business on Facebook. Like Google, Facebook is a search engine. It allows its users to search for business categories, services, names, etc… and a list of results is shown.

Having a Facebook page for your business increases the opportunity of your business being exposed to potential customers. It also allows you to keep your existing followers up to date on current business events, sales, new products, and more!

Before you make any posts or gather any Facebook page likes, we have to answer one simple question... how to create a Facebook page.

How To Create A Facebook Page

  1. Go to

  2. Put your business’s name in “Page name”.

  3. Find a category that works (this can be changed later).

  4. Input your desired “Description”. This is the first snippet of your business that page visitors will receive. Make it accurate!

  5. Click “Create Page”.

  6. Next, it’ll ask you to upload a page profile picture and page banner. This is not necessary. However, without proper branding, your business’s Facebook page may not be recognizable to customers or clients.

  7. Click “Save

Awesome, you’ve created a Facebook Page for your business! Now, it’s time to start making posts! See our article about the perfect Facebook post here!

how to create a facebook page | NoiselessMarketing

Adding Roles To Your Facebook Page

  1. When you click “Save”, you will be redirected to your page’s dashboard. From the dashboard, find “Settings” in the left menu (you may have to scroll).

  2. In settings, go to “Page Roles” on the left.

  3. In the “Assign a New Page Role” section, add the emails of any page contributors or managers that you’d like to have as admins.

Amazing, you’re Facebook page is ready to go! We’re excited to see what you post!

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