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Are Google Ads Worth The Money?

If you're wondering, "Are Google Ads Worth the money?" then this article is perfect for you. Before answering your question, let's briefly look at what Google Ads are.

are google ads worth the money

What Is Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform for advertisers to bid on brief display advertisements, service offerings, products, or videos on Google's website.

Are Google Ads Worth the money? Pros and cons

To answer this question, we have compiled 8 pros and cons of Google Ads.


Pro 1: Get Results Immediately

An advantage to Google Ads is that it can generate results immediately. In contrast, many other traffic generation strategies can take many months or even years to scale, such as blogging, content production, or social media.

Due to the way Google is set up, Google Ads can produce instant results. Your screen's first and second lines will display ads when searching for something with Google. Since the ads are usually related to what you are searching for, they attract viewers and drive them to your website, boosting sales and subscribers.

Pro 2: Adjustable ad budgets

In today's media world, Google Ads mean you don't need to spend a lot of money on advertising as you used to back in the old days. With Google Ads, you can set how much money you want to spend, and the system will automatically stop advertising when that amount is reached since it is pay-per-click.

When your budget is set to $50/day, for example, your ad will not run if it doesn't generate clicks of at least $50/day. As a result, new companies can promote themselves and get their name out without waiting years to see profits.

Pro 3: High Potential ROI

Advertisers of any caliber worth their salt on Google Ads should be able to generate a 2x return on ad spend (ROAS). The conversion rates for every dollar you spend can be easily seen in Google Analytics.

Based on our data, Google Ads has an average return on advertising spend between 4x and 5x, which is clearly better than other traffic generation strategies.

Pro 4: Geographically diversified outreach

Using Google Ads, you can limit your ads to an area, city, or country to achieve a geographically diverse reach.

You can, for example, decide for your ad only to appear within the USA, not outside. Consequently, smaller companies in local markets can utilize this tool to reach the audiences that matter to them.

Pro 5: Well-intentioned searchers

Due to the intended nature of its users, Google is a powerful advertising platform. Google users are actively searching for a solution to a problem, unlike most social media users.

Consider yourself as an example. You likely found this article by searching for Are Google Ads Worth the money for your business. This also applies to your customers. When they need assistance with their problems, they turn to Google. On Google, you'll be advertising to tens or hundreds of thousands of potential buyers!


Con 1: High Potential CPC

When competing in highly competitive industries, the cost per click can be very high, making it impossible to make any money from your clicks unless you have a large marketing budget. Accordingly, many industries with a high cost per click will justify it since their product or service is very expensive.

Let's take the education industry as an example. It may make sense to spend $50 or even $100 per click if a college student spends $50,000 a year or more on college. Probably not for you, however. If you have set up your Google Ads account correctly, you can expect the per-click cost for most services businesses to be between $1.50 and $3.

Con 2: Time consuming

It can be time-consuming to use Google Ads, even if you are an experienced user. Having a designated digital marketing person on your staff could solve this problem for you. A marketing agency is usually less expensive than working on your own.

Con 3: Focus Keyword

Lacking a thorough understanding of the focus keyword, non-digital marketers tend to spend a lot of money on Google Ads.

As a result, you will have spent quite a bit of money when you realize you don't get any results. So be clear about your advertising objectives before you start advertising.


Are Google Ads Worth the money? In our opinion, the answer is YES - as long as you understand how it works and have all the information beforehand!

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