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4 Best Email Marketing Platforms

4 Best Email Marketing Platforms

What Is An Email Marketing Platform Collecting contacts, creating landing pages, and designing and writing an email campaign, are all hurdles when starting a newsletter. Email marketing platforms solve these problems, well… they at least help you through solving them yourself. With a ton of analytics on important factors like open rates and bounce rates, where people are clicking on your newsletters, and much much more. These email marketing platforms allow you to take control of your newsletter!

Our List (in no order)

  1. Mailchimp — More than an email marketing platform

  2. Constant Contact — Amazing templates and very intuitive

  3. SendinBlue — Great for mobile outreach with text messages

  4. AWeber — The go-to for small businesses

Mailchimp Mailchimp is one of the most versatile email marketing platforms. It’s not just for emails anymore. Mailchimp allows you to build fully functioning websites through its platform, it has an in-depth content studio where you can create graphic assets for your business, and literally hundreds of integrations to add on to its email marketing platform.

Yes, all of that extra stuff is great, but you’re here for the emails… SO MANY EMAILS! Mailchimp’s email marketing platform reigns supreme with its analytics suite. It has analytics on your emails, landing pages, surveys, ads, buttons, links, and everything else. This allows you to have every statistic you need to perfect your email marketing campaigns!

Constant Contact Creating good-looking emails is difficult to do by yourself. Constant Contact helps solve this problem with its thorough library of templates. Most email marketing platforms have templates, so what makes Constant Contact’s templates so special? Constant Contact’s special sauce is the intuitiveness of its design platform. When your putting together your email campaign, everything is laid out, easy to understand, and easy to edit!

Constant Contact also has well-designed analytical reports showing all the usual statistics. On your dashboard, you can easily find the open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and more on your email campaigns.

SendinBlue While SendinBlue offers email marketing services, inbox management, and a chat system, I’d like to focus on their SMS marketing platform. SendinBlue offers SMS marketing with its Free plan, which also includes unlimited contacts, up to 300 emails per day, and 1 user for its chat system.

SMS marketing is not only a great alternative to email marketing, it also works perfectly alongside email marketing. SendinBlue gives you access to both of those platforms, and more!

AWeber Small businesses can have a hard time keeping up with the massive budget of enterprise-sized corporations. AWeber is cheap yet effective, that’s its selling point. With only two pricing options, Free and Pro, AWeber gives you everything you need to start in their Free plan, then gives you access to a custom-priced Pro plan that has a library of extra features.

AWeber’s Pro plan starts at only 16.15 a month (which is pretty good for what you get). Some notable features that come with it are…

Split testing — Sending out the same emails with different headlines to see which one your audience reacts to better.

Facebook pixel tracking — Allowing you to combine the functionality of Facebook pixel into your emails for better analytics on specific actions.

Cart abandonment — Will let you track who added items to their cart but did not purchase them. Knowing this will let you easily retarget those individuals.

Where To Go From Here Reading about these different platforms will only give you an idea of how they work. Each one of these email marketing platforms has its own free plan, I recommend visiting them (linked below) and testing each out for yourself. That way you can find which one works best for your email marketing needs.

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