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20 Free Tools For Digital Marketers

20 free tools for digital marketers

Why These Tools?

We've used every single one of these websites or software as a part of a commercial project. My career in digital marketing is becoming extensive, so we’ve had the opportunity to use many of these tools multiple times, becoming experts in many of them!

The List

  1. Figma — Design UI/UX layouts and prototypes.

  2. Canva — Create graphics for social media, branding, or other purposes.

  3. Unsplash — Free commercial use images.

  4. Pexels — Free commercial use videos.

  5. Icons8 — Free commercial use illustrations or icons.

  6. Google Docs — Fantastic for pretty much everything.

  7. — Create a digital whiteboard and invite people to collaborate.

  8. Zoom — Meet online with clients or colleagues.

  9. Google Meets — Zoom but with better Google Calendar integrations.

  10. Calendly — Have clients schedule meetings with you.

  11. Hubspot — More free tools on digital marketing, sales advice, and more.

  12. Learn Digital With Google — Take courses and receive marketable certificates in your industry.

  13. Medium — Read about 20 free digital marketing resources.

  14. Google Keywords — Research and plan keywords for your next campaign.

  15. — Test your website or a client’s website on their SEO authority and effectiveness.

  16. Shotcut — Trim videos.

  17. Hitfilm Express — Edit videos with effects, color grading, and green screen capabilities.

  18. Davinci Resolve — Create movie-quality masterpieces.

  19. Audacity — Trim and perfect audio.

  20. Slack — Manage projects and teams in one space.

Hope This Helped

Don’t expect to need all of these tools RIGHT NOW. Keep each of these in the back of your head for upcoming projects that may require their capabilities!

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